Friday, July 19, 2013

Who said using guys was bad?

Here's the scene.There's that hottie you think is worth a fraction of your heart,time and killerlines and you have been talking to him.You are sure he likes you too but aren't 100% because maybe your judgement is clouded by your feelings,excitement(you know/it's just one of those things where you can't tell if you're involved/in it)So obviously you know you need an outsiders perspective.
And your girlfriends judgement is same as yours or completely biased for some reasons.Arr 'What to do!?'

Don't despair call the boys.
You do have guy friends right?yeah put them to use.
Lay out the situation to them one on one because we all know they all have their own presonalities,which shine brightly if one on one and they can be helpful very differently.

This friend is refreshing because he is uncomplicated,drama free,honest and straight forwad.He will look at every detail,text,email,call duration with an optimistic eye and will tell you if the guy you like likes you back like that or is just being insincere.
CELEB POSTERCHILD: DRAKE(i always say this and i'l say it again.Drake seems like the type of guy to place a rolled hundred dollar bill on a stripper's bra strap written 'you know you don't have to do this')

Every hang with him is always a class.On what guys to steer clear off,what not to do with guys and a good reminder that the heart is something to not be given freely and also that words are cheap.C'mon!if you have this friend then we both know how hearts break,walls are brought down and kleenex is consumped after they leave girls.
So this guy is one to run to especially when you're not sure with a guy's intentions with you.Because this friend knows all angles,lies and tricks -he's used and invented them DUH--to get girls.So no doubt he will decipher that whole detail,text,email,app if your crush wants a relationship,a fling or gasp,nothing but friendship.

Right now you're thinking 'uhmm what can he do?"But note this,this guy doesn't just has to be your friend he could be your best mate's BF.Which is even better because if things don't work out with this crush you can always get to know his friends ;)
Alright,so anyway this guy will look to decipher if this boy you like really wants a relationship or is just telling you what you want to hear.

#loveme? !xx

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indecisive shopper...

Last week i spent an entire five hours shopping for a single purse around town.I roamed the shops across town looking for "the purse".I wanted something chic,edgy yet classic.In fact i was looking for a posh purse.Think Chanel..PAUSE

What color did i want?i don't know,i mean i left home with burgandy in mind(it's 'La Color'this season besides,everyone loves a good burgandy shade)-but then i got in town and four botiques later i was confused.Im indecisive at times you should know,there were too many choices!i wanted them all!i wanted all of them!but i could only have one :(

An hour into my further confusion i decided to sit down for a tall glass of water and called my friend -D to help me see what else is out there.For me.And with neither squims or complaints she was in town in less than 20minutes,with Two small lattes.Ahh true friends.
We got our gossip on,discussed Miley's hair longer than we should have and threw about theories about how Paris is dunzo and LINDZlo is promiscuous.Then strapped into too many other botiques i can't be bothered to count.And guess what?

I still hadn't found my purse.All other purses were either too big,too broad,too small,too neon too detailed or they had not enough of the it factor or pockets.

So yes.i ended up going home without a purse.And worse is this isn't the first time i have left home in a bid to go shopping only to come with nothing.My problem is not that i can't find anything,my problem and blessing is that im a perfectionist.I refuse to settle,im indecisive and im loyal especially to myself.

Taking Cue From a Legal Blonde.

In real life,if i met Elle Woods i would stare her down and treat her like paper.
Girl sounds stupid,walks like she has a stick up her ass,wears too much pink and has a pretentious little dog that goes with her white girl voice.ugh it makes me sick.
But being such a girl,i love movies with pretentious characters like her and especially more if the movie has depth.And with Legally Blonde even the Blonde had depth (shocker)and she is like major inspiring.
So from her im learning a few things.

1"Do you think she woke up one day and thought im going to law school?"
-After getting dumped by a shady douche whom she unfortunately still wanted to be with she decided to challenge herself by passing up on greek parties,pillow fights to study so she could reach the minimum 175 GPA needed for her to get into Harvard.And she did end up getting into Harvard with a 178GPA.Impressive,I know!
-Which as i take it,challenges me to think if Elle Could do it.So can i.And it doesn't have to be for Love as she also went for a BILL in LG2.simply for passion and sentimental values.

2"So because im not a Vanderbilt im suddenly white trash?i grew up in Bel-Air,Warner across the street from Aaron Spelling.I think most people would agree that's better than some stinky old Vanderbilt."
-Doesn't matter how impressive you are,someone is not going to be impressed and they will probably put you down for it.For whatever reason.What you can do is not argue the fool but rather go out of your way to show them you are the finest.And if they still are not impressed,well you would have stimulated your brain and got out a pretty impressive workout and lesson from it hopefully.

3"Exercise gives you endorphins.Endorphins make you happy.Happy people don't just shoot their husbands.They just don't!"
-Thinking about the bigger picture should be whats done always.Thinking about the prior affect and the after effect before passing judgement.As there always is more to a picture.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here's the scene you just went out with a totally cute guy on a date.Things were left on a positive note and the following day you just want to text him.Or maybe not because that would just be too pathetic and you will seem too needy...Ah!!!to text or not to text.
THE NEED!*grunts*
I think it's safe to say that this is one of the most common topics during brunch and on the run lattes with the girls.right?
Personally i ALWAYS play it cold and cool.I know it seems absolutely old fashioned and extreme feminists are going to say im dispecable and are going to make me the butt of their jokes but i believe a guy should be one to text first.That said it's always best to feel out the situation.If you and "cuteguy" have a mutual friend,ask if your friend heard anything about the date or you.Otherwise i think it's best to hold out.
But say you can't handle the wait and do decide to text him and don't get a responce,it's safe and smart to assume he isn't into you as you are or seemed to be.At this point take back your pride and delete his number and email but not facebook or twitter that will be just too bitter and you don't want to seem that way now.Do you?yep didn't so.
And if you chosee to hold out only for him to not get in contact then after 7days days delete his number and email,having him in your contact list will bring you bad luck.With this i feel that i should also mention deleting any contact mail and number to any guy who asked for your number,you exchanged numbers with only for him to go that button...take back your pride ;>


Monday, May 13, 2013


It happens,its hard,its unbelievable,the reality of it creeps up on you and you stay in denial about it until you cant fake its unexistance anymore.
This is when dreams,goals,ambitions,hobbies and faith changes.

About a month ago my best friends know id been going through mixed emotions filled with self doubt and with no faith in life.I was in a dark place confused,lost and searching for anything to give me hope.As id lost it,nothing in my life was going the way i wanted it to.Everyone seemed SO much more happy,fulfilled,successful than i was,a minute id be on facebook and already someone would have posted pictures of themselves having a ton of fun,so i would leave facebook to engage in self wallowing.Not cute,but yeah!And before you even dare think that i sit around comparing myself to other people let me let you know that i don't!But because i know myself and a little about those around me i get to notice little things.And it doesn't help that i have an overactive imagination plus my ever-so-extending ability to over analyse you get an insane number of insecurities creeping up on me.
Anyhow,to feel fulfilled or worth something iv been on a mission to find something to turn to,to help relieve the pain,the insecurities and fear,fear of the unknown.I found something.Something that had always been there,something i had kind of forgotten about.
I found music.As usual,in times when im looking something real,more than hope and a lot of faith i turn to one of my favourite shows "ONE TREE HILL",it gives you all those things without being too serious or boring.And along in watching it from season one i was getting built up and BAM!There it was hope that my life could possibly amount to something,something even better than before.I realized i was never going to ever be actually happy if all my glee came from spending money and no i'm not saying money doesn't bring happiness because it actually does.Yeah i know right!you just have to know what to shop for and where.So as i start realizing that getting a new purse or shoes isn't going to make me happy in the long term i'm going to try living and spending for memories.I want to be an old girl who reminisces and gets nostalgic on past events.So yeah i don't know if this makes sense to you but my music guides me and stays with me.
Music,well the music i listen to is lyrically and beat deep that its the kind that changes the mind of a lost soul that is ready to give up altogether.
It gives you courage,it opens you up mentally and creatively to explore your own intelligence trying to decipher its meaning but i guess that's the beauty of music,its supposed to convey different reactions and emotions.Its supposed to be just like that.I'm in love with music again and i like my music to give me decadence,emotions,hope,faith,and peace even when it has a rock feel.haha

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I love pretending to be really really busy which is wholly ironic since the majority of my lifestyle is based on.Well not doing work.Unless you count the occasional volunteer work which is usually done in vain.(school cred) and followed with none stop bragging/complaining or the dish washing and house tidying which usually happens when my mom fires yet another maid(their mom doesnt tolarate sloppiness or lies).

I cant even control it anymore from the minute i walk out the door i hurry down i swear if you didnt know me you would think im late for a very important meeting.Im constantly checking over my wrist for time,texting on my phone,emailing,tweeting,facebooking,wattpading or just looking at my albums.
And walking really fast.For a short girl i surprisingly cover long distances fast and easy!i impress.

Even in my social life its now a bit mad.See for the fact that im in homeschool i get somewhat convinient hours.And compain about beign in a bubble.But just sometimes and if im not in school i make up a reason like "oh sorry aunt(insertname)i have a 1000word thesis on BEARDSHAW due next tues.And Laur got dumped again soo..."-and yes in translation what i actually mean is that il be home hating myself for not studying enough so il call on the girls or guys to come cheer me up by doing the most sensible activity.DUH!Talking BS about people we know together.What?everyone does it!
And if my friends are really really busy too.I tweet endlessly,stalk celebrities i like and send them hate mail because they look SO much better in mixed prints and fushia lips than i do so il be obviously sending them my love that way since im not that good with feelings.Just ask TaylorSwift.i have her on google alert so yeah i made her bait...gotta love the internate.Besides Tay makes it easy her love life is like a soap opera im waiting till it turns into something off a plotline of 'The Bold And Beautiful'

Oh and yes i mostly pretend beign busy at family gatherings or in town just when i see an incoming chipper all i do is come up with a look of feigned concretration and furrowed brows like im seconds away from discovering the cure of cancer.that way people think im really busy and wont approach me.If they approach me anyhow i give them a look of disgust like they just crop dusted me with liquid aids and then told me they dont believe in equal rights for the gays.Even the swarvely dressed ones.You know them like that gay from single ladies,or glee,or Revenge.


Friday, February 15, 2013



NOTE:NOT ALL WINE IS ALCOHOLIC if you dont drink get the non alcoholic one.
-I dont drink and thats what im always getting,although my BFF will be downing alcohol totally.
-Thats why we are soo great together.our difference
1.Go to the park(greenwood.if your in harare)get on rides that scare you,eat pink cottoncandy,take pics with with kids you dont know.

2.Stay up all night outside drinking wine under the stars talking about your life goals or plotting the murder of that douche.Or how there is no justice on LindzLo

3.Dinner out at a really fancy place.make an entrance hanging arms.Order dishes made for 2 and laugh when the waiter and other dines look at you bizarrely.

4.Pick a recipe your 100%sure your not skilled to make.Have a fair amount of wine,music throughout the cooking and put on HEELS and sleek Aprons.With jewellery.

5.Watch all your fav nostalgia movies ALL DAY curled up under the blankets drinking hot cocoa,eating popcorns and freemax/or chompkins.

6.Go to that really fancy store where you know the salespersons are going to be judgemental and try on outfits,snapping pics,tweeting and asking the salesperson what she'll do say you run out of there with their clothes #Facialexpressions #tolookoutfor #Keepastraightface.

7.Get a VIP seat at really upscale club and well rate the talent,dance to your tracks and basically act snobby with everyone there.except the dj.He will play all your fav tracks.

8.From all your fav movie and series stash pick a moment/scenario/tradition you want to well live and do it(i aready have mine #Gossipgirl #lunch #yogurt but i have #frozenyogurt on the steps of a really big building wearing something blair would approave)

9.Shock your relatives by answering their questions on what you want to do with your life by telling them how right now your just focusing on nothing because your now a firm believer of whats yours will find you no longer put in effort.

10.Tell your BFF to listen in to a radio station at a time and make a call to dedicate her a song just because...
Want ideas?well #itsmikaylahunknowseverything so well
-Girlfriend-Nicki minaj
-True friends-Hannah Montana
-Come on over-Shania Twain.
-Thank you-Dido
-Anytime you need a friend-Mariah Carey

trust me to go through with this.And if you want it with your eternity.Getting scrapping,ScrapeBooks are cool too.

I believe eveygirl needs a BFF just as much as she needs a sanitary towel.