Friday, July 19, 2013

Who said using guys was bad?

Here's the scene.There's that hottie you think is worth a fraction of your heart,time and killerlines and you have been talking to him.You are sure he likes you too but aren't 100% because maybe your judgement is clouded by your feelings,excitement(you know/it's just one of those things where you can't tell if you're involved/in it)So obviously you know you need an outsiders perspective.
And your girlfriends judgement is same as yours or completely biased for some reasons.Arr 'What to do!?'

Don't despair call the boys.
You do have guy friends right?yeah put them to use.
Lay out the situation to them one on one because we all know they all have their own presonalities,which shine brightly if one on one and they can be helpful very differently.

This friend is refreshing because he is uncomplicated,drama free,honest and straight forwad.He will look at every detail,text,email,call duration with an optimistic eye and will tell you if the guy you like likes you back like that or is just being insincere.
CELEB POSTERCHILD: DRAKE(i always say this and i'l say it again.Drake seems like the type of guy to place a rolled hundred dollar bill on a stripper's bra strap written 'you know you don't have to do this')

Every hang with him is always a class.On what guys to steer clear off,what not to do with guys and a good reminder that the heart is something to not be given freely and also that words are cheap.C'mon!if you have this friend then we both know how hearts break,walls are brought down and kleenex is consumped after they leave girls.
So this guy is one to run to especially when you're not sure with a guy's intentions with you.Because this friend knows all angles,lies and tricks -he's used and invented them DUH--to get girls.So no doubt he will decipher that whole detail,text,email,app if your crush wants a relationship,a fling or gasp,nothing but friendship.

Right now you're thinking 'uhmm what can he do?"But note this,this guy doesn't just has to be your friend he could be your best mate's BF.Which is even better because if things don't work out with this crush you can always get to know his friends ;)
Alright,so anyway this guy will look to decipher if this boy you like really wants a relationship or is just telling you what you want to hear.

#loveme? !xx

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  1. wait wait wait, where do the rest of normal guys fall?